The Fundamentals of the BIN System


We use our BIN and IIN codes day by day yet we do not know what they are neither do we know their working methods. The BIN is part of the number code featured on your bankcards and all the other plastic customer or point collecting cards you are using. Let us see how BIN and IIN work.

Understanding the Credit Card Bank Identification Number (BIN) System


BIN or Bank Identification Number and IIN the Issuer Identification Number means the same thing. The BIN of a card made up from the first six numbers of the card number features always on the front of each plastic card that has either a magnetic strip on the back or a chip on the front side.

The appropriate card reading machines to make the electronic identification process of the card uses both the magnetic strip and the chip. The card reading machines will encompass and transfer the data following the payment order given to them. You go through this normal payment process day by day when you pay using your bankcard.  
All sorts of shops and institutes, such as pharmacies and all the commercial businesses that accept all sorts of bankcards, benefit transfer and stored value cards more and more frequently use the BIN of a card. BIN or IIN numbers are perfect to keep track of someone’s transactions no matter what card you are using.


So why would stores, which do not deal with credit cards need the BIN system? Most stores, from a grocery store to a pharmacy accept debit card payments today. It is likely that they even deal with the administration of other cards too.  The BIN system helps the shop to differentiate   these codes and assort them according to the appropriate network they belong to.


It is clear now, that BIN database system is useful for each commercial business that deals with plastic data cards. Using BIN system means stress-free dealing with each card and it means quicker transactions upon payment too. The BIN database has the potential to reduce the risk of card frauds too. As you see, BIN system is useful in so many ways to the benefit of both businesses and consumers.