Fuel Cards are used to pay for gasoline, diesel and fuel at gas and filling stations. There are many brands of Fuel Cards, including UK Fuel Cards, CHJones Fuel Card, Red Fuel Card and Red Liquid Fuel Card. 

CHJones Fuel Card - KeyFuels: An excellent fuel card option for companies that wish to set a weekly fuel spending budget. This card offers a weekly fixed fuel price. 
CHJones Fuel Card - Key Fuels Bunker+: This card offers automatic fuel system access and does not require customers to purchase fuel in bulk. 
CHJones Fuel Card - KeyFuels Fleet: A fuel card for companies that wish to buy fuel directly from oil companies. Customers may choose their own fuel sources. 
UK Fuel Card - Jet Card: An excellent option for large and small vehicle fleets. The Jet Card offers many benefits such as no joining fee and no minimum charges.
UK Fuel Card - UKFuel: A no-cost fuel card option for companies on the move. The UK Fuel card requires no initial deposit and provides monthly credit options for customers. 
UK Fuel Card - Fleet One: A fuel card for vehicle fleets of all sizes and types. With the Fleet One card, customers enjoy universal card acceptance and flexible credit terms. 
UK Fuel Card - UK Fuels D Card: Flexible fuel charging options for cardholders. This card requires no initial deposit and no monthly spending requirements. 
UK Fuel Card - Texaco Fuel Card: Accepted throughout Ireland and the UK to provide easy and convenient fueling for large or small company fleets. 
UK Fuel Card - FastFuel Ireland: An Irish-based FastFuel card that can be tailored to meet your company’s individual fuel needs. 
UK Fuel Card - UK Fuels R Card: One of the many cards offered by UK fuels. This card is designed to provide businesses and fleets with flexible fuel payment options. 
UK Fuel Card - UK Fuels M Card: Offered by UK Fuel Company, the M card is created to meet the customer’s needs. This card is tailored to the company’s vehicle fleet, coverage needs and fuel stop preferences.
UK Fuel Card - UK Fuels G Card: The G Card offers the option of national or international fuel coverage, the customer’s choice of fuel stations and is tailored to the vehicles in a customer’s fleet. 
Red Fuel Card (UK) - Red Fuel: A fuel card that is tailored to the needs of commercial transport clients. This card is designed to provide flexible payment options, fraud protection and online account management.
Red Liquid Fuel Card (UK) - LiquidCard: Designed to help commercial customers pay for diesel, gasoline and petrol, the Red Liquid Fuel Card can provide easy online account management and flexible payment terms to cardholders.