IP to Location Database



Important: this product is an integral part of the Universal License and is not sold separately IP2Location database is intended for the businesses who need to input an IP address and get a country of origin. Many services will charge you hundreds of dollars for an actual database. We provide it as a free supplement to your Universal License.


Database Structure


We provide the database in our standard CSV ISO compliant format. Below is a sample string from the database, it has 7 parameters:;;1079385472,1079385599;US;USA;840;UNITED STATES                      - starting address of IP range in standard format;                      - ending address of IP range in standard format;

1079385472,1079385599     - starting and ending addresses of IP range in numeric format;

US                                    - 2-digit country code in ISO format;

USA                                  - 3-digit country code in ISO format;

840                                    - country number in ISO format;

UNITED STATES                - country name in ISO format.


Download a piece of the database here.


You will receive the database as a part of your Universal License package. With your personal download link, you will always have access to the most recent version.


Accuracy: minimum of 98% guaranteed

Number of strings (IP ranges): over 210,000