FEATURES can provide your company with all of the service and information that it requires when it comes to verifying electronic purchases. Our comprehensive bank identification number (BIN) database allows you to easily query according to BIN number in order to verify a credit, debit or prepaid/gift card transaction. We also offer support to filter out reloadable/non-reloadable BINs. has many features that help us to stand above the competition. 




Our BIN database contains over 347,000 unique BIN records. Each and every one of our listed BIN records is verified. We do not fill our database with falsified records in order to give the appearance of a complete database - our database is as complete and up-to-date as possible. Our database currently contains over 20 various card brands, containing 200+ card categories. Possible card categories include classic, standard, premium, platinum and business, among others. Our range includes over 200 countries worldwide. is your go-to source for online BIN checking.


ACCURATE, UP-TO-DATE RECORDS updates its BIN database regularly. We provide the updated database directly to our clients via email every three months throughout their subscription period. Once your subscription period ends, additional years of updated coverage may be purchased.


Companies appreciate the accuracy of Our database contains only the most current, verified BIN information. Fraud prevention companies know that they can count on the information found here at, and you can, too. 


EXTENDED PREPAID AND GIFT BIN NUMBERS INFORMATION possesses the largest database of stored value card bank identification numbers. Our database currently contains over 12000 prepaid card and gift card BIN numbers.


EBT AND PIN-ONLY PROTECTION can provide you with specific information regarding pin-only cards, including those with and without EBT features. EBT features are designed to allow customers to access their benefits electronically. These pin-only cards can be used at both ATMs as well as points of sale.’s exclusive database allows you to effortlessly verify the BIN of these pin-only cards in order to protect your company, and the government, from financial loss and benefit fraud.




When you search our BIN database, you will receive specific card type information for all card categories, including fuel and non-commercial cards. These cards often feature BINs starting with 0, 1, 7, 8 or 9. Card-specific categories are clearly defined on a search.


COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION provides information that other online BIN checkers do not. We can provide you with accurate card information, including country of origin and information regarding the issuing organization. This includes the issuing organization’s phone number and website information. If you need information regarding a specific BIN number, you can easily contact the issuing organization for verification.


EASY TO USE DATABASE prides itself on being easy to use. Our database is ISO compliant. It is assembled from records that include four ISO-related fields. These are country name, country code A2, country code A3 and country number. Our 11-column format is easy to read and is not prone to technical issues. Our BIN database is easily parsed by any programming language in use today.


Each of our BIN records is listed in the same consistent 11-category format. This makes the information easy to use and interpret. We have included a sample BIN record below.






407212 represents the BIN, which signifies a VISA card. SUNTRUST BANK is the issuing institution. This card is a DEBIT card that belongs to the PREPAID category. The card has been issued by UNITED STATES. The issuing country is US, ISO A2 code and the issuing country USA has the code of ISO A3. The number 840 stands for the ISO number of the issuing country. HTTP://WWW.SUNTRUST.COM/ is the issuing organization web address. 352-378-2125 is the telephone number.