China Union Pay is a leader in global bank cards. China Union Pay cards are used throughout Asia, Europe and Africa and are becoming increasingly popular in the Americas.

Debit: These bankcards act as standard debit cards, wherein the money is deducted from the bank account associated with the card.
Credit: China Union Pay credit cards offer world-wide access and secure purchasing ability to its customers.
Consumer Card: The leading credit card in China, the UnionPay Consumer Card is gaining world wide acceptance by using the Discover network.
Gift: UnionPay Gift Cards can be purchased at a number of venues. These cards are prepaid and additional funds may be added to the card.
Peony Money Link: The first credit card to be offered by China Union Pay.
Peony Quasi-Credit Card: Co-issued by ICBC, this card is accepted by nearly all retailers.
PIN Only w/o EBT: These cards do not offer electronic benefits transfers, but purchases can be made when a cardholder enters their PIN number.
Platinum: Reserved for only esteemed Union Pay customers, this card offers a high spending limit and perks such as rewards and cash back.
Standard: The China Union Standard Card is widely used throughout China and is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. This card offers low fees and modest credit limits.