BENEFITS can protect your business from fraudulent purchases and the financial loss that accompanies these purchases. We know that you have many choices when it comes to choosing a BIN database service. Performing your credit card and BIN searches with can offer you many benefits that our competitors simply cannot match.


COMPLETE BIN RECORDS offers our clients the largest database of complete BIN records. We gather our database information from financial institutions, banks and online card payment processors. All of the information held by has been verified. There are no falsified BIN records on




Our records are formatted in such a way as to make them easily formatted and easily integrated into our client’s current systems. Each record has the same information in a standard 11-column format. Your computer engineers can take the latest version of our BIN database and seamlessly import it into your company’s system. 




We offer two licensing options of our product. In both cases, you get up-to-date BIN database file. Customers can purchase either a Single License or Universal License. License renewals can be purchased on a yearly basis once the initial term has expired. 


AFFORDABILITY has a number of options to suit the budget needs of our clients. The most affordable option is our Single License product. At $499 (USD) this is an affordable option for businesses who are looking to protect themselves from financial loss. Our Universal License offers a longer subscription period for the price of $999 (USD). Once the original license term has expired, you may purchase additional yearly updates for $199(USD). We do not charge transaction fees for our database service. offers you the most accurate information for your buck.




Our Single License allows customers to have full access to our BIN database and includes 6 months of free database updates. The Universal License is a great option for large businesses. With the Universal License, clients will receive 24 months of free database updates plus our online service. With either License, additional yearly updates are available for purchase after the initial term has expired.




With, your company has a line of defense against credit card fraud. Online e-commerce fraud is increasing, and our BIN database can help provide you protection from expensive charge back fees, track suspicious card purchases and prevent future fraudulent purchases. can help you to confirm that the card you are processing is valid, the cardholder is valid and that the purchase will be approved by the issuing institution without question. Save yourself the hassle and expense of fraudulent purchases by partnering with