American Express, also referred to as AmEx, offers credit and charge cards to customers around the world. AmEx has a wide variety of card types to suit the needs of their many clients. Below is a list of all American Express card subtypes we have in our BIN database.


Debit: American Express offers a prepaid debit card option which offers the security of the AmEx brand with a low-fee, easy to use card that is accepted nearly everywhere.


Credit: AmEx offers credit cards with many features, such as airline miles and cash back, to appeal to their customers.




Charge: AmEx charge cards offer no spending limit, but the balance must be paid in full each month. 


AirMiles Premier: With AmEx Air Miles Premier, customers earn reward points which can be redeemed for airline tickets and travel benefits. 


Black: Also known as the Centurion card, the AmEx Black card is reserved for the wealthiest customers and offers many exclusive benefits, such as concierge service.


Blue: This card offers low interest for every day purchases.


Blue AirMiles Cash Back Card: Earn air miles and travel benefits for every purchase you make with this card.


Blue Cash: Customers can earn a percentage of cash back for each purchase made with the Blue Cash card.


Blue for Business: This card was created with small business in mind. Customers do not pay any fees when they use Blue for Business to pay for everyday business expenses. 


BMI Plus: This card offers many customer rewards, low fees and low introductory rates on balance transfers. BMI Plus cardholders can enjoy Diamond Club destination miles for each dollar spent. 


Bonus: AmEx offers bonus reward points, discounts, cash back and additional customer service incentives with its AmEx Bonus card. 


Business: Targeted toward business customers, AmEx Business cards often have a high credit limit and specific payment terms.


Business Platinum: AmEx Business card with extra benefits for corporate members. These benefits include insurance, bonus rewards and special VIP services. 


Cash rebate: Customers earn a cash rebate based on their AmEx purchases using the Cash Rebate Card. 


Centurion: Also known as the Black card, this card is reserved for the wealthiest AmEx customers.  


Centurion Servicio: AmEx’s exclusive credit card offering specified service for its Spanish-speaking customers.


Classic: The most commonly issued AmEx credit card. This card allows customers to choose the benefits that best suit their lifestyle.


Corp. Gold S & Ranges: AmEx Corporate Gold cards offer both membership rewards and corporate membership rewards to cardholders, along with such advantages as express cash and travel insurance.


Corp. Purchasing Card: An American Express Corporate Purchasing card will afford your business greater negotiating power when it comes to business supply purchases. 


Corp. Gold D & Ranges: The Corporate Gold card provides travel insurance, Express Cash access, a 24-hour hotline and online account management. 


Corp. Green D & Ranges: A great option for business employees who travel on a regular basis. An AmEx Corporate Green D range card can be used for business expenses around the world. 


Corp. Green S & Ranges: This card offers travel insurance, Express Cash access, 24-hour customer assistance and membership in the Corporate Savings Plus program. 


Corpo.Co.S & Ranges: This card allows customers to have access to Express Cash withdrawals, On Business points, membership rewards and business travel insurance. 


Corporate Card: This card is specifically aimed at corporate clients of American Express. It offers great business benefits and low fees and interest rates, along with business-specific services. 


Corporate Gold: The Corporate Gold card  is a great option for busy professionals. It provides travel insurance, Express Cash access, a 24-hour hotline and online account management. 


Corporate Gold Y Platinum: Corporate Platinum cardholders enjoy exclusive access to AmEx lounges while traveling as well as superior customer service. This card charges a hefty yearly fee of $300.


Corporate Green: The ideal card for traveling professionals. AmEx Corporate Green provides protection for your purchases around the world. 


Corporate Revolving: An AmEx Corporate card option which allows customers to decide whether they wish to pay their card balance in full, or pay the balance off over a period of time. 


Delta: One of many travel options, this card provides customers with Delta travel rewards. 


Dorada: Dorada is the Spanish name for the American Express Classic Gold card.


Gift: AmEx offers prepaid gift cards which can be purchased and activated for a small fee. Customers can load additional funds to their AmEx Gift Cards.


Gold: Offered to customers without an annual fee. This card offers many of the traditional AmEx perks. 


Gold & Platinum: Customers earn rewards for every dollar spent, and can take advantage of medical and travel insurance offerings. 


Gold Cash Back: Customers earn a percentage of cash back for each purchase made with this card. 


Green: An affordable AmEx option, the Green card is a low cost card that does not skimp on AmEx benefits. 


Optima: The first credit card offered by AmEx, it was released in 1987. Today, it is an option for those wishing to build their credit score. 


Peony: An American Express Selects exclusive card offer.


Platinum: An exclusive card which offers such perks as travel rewards, concierge service and superior AmEx customer service around the world.


Plus: Customers in good standing with AmEx receive a plus bonus each month that they use their AmEx card.


Premium: AmEx offers several Premium cards, such as the Gold and Platinum cards. Each card has personal and corporate accounts with extra service offerings. 


Premium Plus: With these cards, customers can get extra VIP services according to your preferences. 


Prepaid: AmEx prepaid cards are loaded with cash prior to use. The amount of cash available on the card dictates the credit limit available to the customer.


Revolving: This refers to an AmEx credit card which gives cardholders the option of paying their balance in full or paying their balance over a period of time. 


SBS Gold Y Blue: A low fee credit card geared towards small business owners. This card offers low annual fees and no charge balance transfers. 


Small Business: Small Business charge cards offer no pre-set spending limit. AmEx requires that the balance be paid in full each month. 


Small Business SBS Green: The SBS Green Card offers many travel incentives, including travel reward points, travel insurance and world wide express cash access.


Small Corporate: Small Corporate cards offer travel benefits, automatic cash rebates and various types of insurance that are important to corporate professionals. 


Small Corporate Card: A small corporate card offers payment options to help corporations manage their expenses easily and provides a high level of customer service, 24 hours a day.


Virgin Atlantic: The Virgin Atlantic American Express card allows customers to earn additional airline miles for each purchase made using this card.