BinBase Lookup and Filtering Software


PLEASE NOTE: the demo version of our database contains only 1% of the BIN records that are randomly selected from the outdated version of the BIN database. Customers wishing to make a valid BIN search should use our BIN search tool. is proud to provide our clients with a glimpse into our BIN database and BIN checker system. While the Full Version is available only to Single and Universal License holders, we hope that potential customers will be pleased with what they see in our demonstrative version.


Download demo package (.ZIP, ~300 KB)


Download package ( contains the following files:


  • SearchBin.exe
  • SearchBin.ini
  • bins_iso_demo.csv

Software doesn’t require the installation. Unzip the in one folder. Don’t rename or alter contents of the demo database (bins_iso_demo.csv) as it will prevent software from functioning.


Please see the below screenshots to review our program functionality.


The first screenshot shows sample BIN records. You will notice that each BIN record is organized in a horizontal manner. Records are detailed in the following order:



Card Brand

Issuing Institution

Card Type

Card Category

Issuing Country

Issuing Country ISO A2 code

Issuing Country ISO A3Code 


Customers are also able to filter the BIN information as desired by using our drop-down filter options. Please see Screen Shot 2 for a visual example. Records may be sorted by Card Brand, Card Types 1 and 2, and Country of Origin.


Our demo version also allows customers to experience our Search by BIN option (Screen Shot 3). Simply copy and paste, or enter, the BINs that you wish to search into the field on the lefthand side of the screen. Click the “Look Up!” button. The BIN records will generate in the search box on the right side of your screen. Any BINs that were not found will appear below the records in the search box labeled “Not Found BIN Records”.